Friday, November 5, 2010


What separates a good contractor from a bad contractor?
                 How can you be assured that you will be taken care of?
                              We take all the risks out of your construction process by the following…

·      We have a 2 Million Dollar insurance policy
o   It is not required to have a license or insurance in Oklahoma.
o   If anything is damaged or anyone is hurt, we cover the cost.
o   Yes, 2 million is overboard but your well being is worth it.

·      We have a 1 Million Dollar Workman’s Compensation Policy

·      No Upfront Money
o   Unlike most, we never take a penny until roof is completed. (residential only)

·      We Represent You
o   Insurance companies never overpay, but almost always underpays, we make  
     sure they give you  what you deserve to fix everything that is damaged.
o   We are there when the adjuster to make sure every item is looked at. You pay property insurance not just roof insurance….
o   The last thing you want to do is spend hours on the phone with your insurance company. We will do all the work for you.
·      We Give a 5 Year Warranty
o   Since we are a BBB “A” rating member, we offer an all encompassing warranty that  not only fixes a leak if you have one, but covers all subsequent damage due to our mistake.
o   We are not here today, gone tomorrow. We are a locally owned construction company since 1987, incorporated in 1994 in our state, our warranty means something!

·      We Never Leverage Your Home as Collateral
o   Unbeknownst to you, most contractors use your address to get materials.
o   If materials are not paid for by the contractor you, you are liable for the bill!
o   We offer a lien waiver to prove that material land labor have been paid for and no one will ever knock on your door to collect a bill you already paid for.

·      We are Locally Owned Operated and Established
o   Established in the year 1987
o   Perfect BBB Rating